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  1. grace lands like a duck coming in for a landing on a frozen lake.
  2. thank you
  3. He speaks...
  4. Books with the Theme of Grace
  5. Where are you?
  6. The Porch
  7. Park bench of Serenity ...... lives on!
  8. Food For Thought
  9. Sexual Abuse
  10. A Housewarming Gift for Lana
  11. Requiem
  12. Worship Chapel - For Praise & Worship, Tears & Lament, Joy & Love...
  13. Trusting is Hard
  14. Help me dissect this
  15. Communion......
  16. Lent...
  17. Handle With Care
  18. I'm a 40 year old student...and I'm loving it!
  19. Resistence to new things
  20. Justice
  21. Get to Know You....
  22. Hello new friends!
  23. Any Keith Medley fans out there?
  24. Correction and Grace
  25. Let the scene speak for you
  26. The Poetry Corner
  27. A Meme! A Meme!
  28. For...
  29. The Praise Corner
  30. Here's to being TrueFaced!!
  31. Wanted to share
  32. Something in my world has changed
  33. Cafe Memories
  34. Truefaced and the redacted history of winter wheat
  35. Just another church service, ho hum
  36. Speakin of-Speakin the Truth in love..
  37. Vampires, Werewolfs and Magic. Oh, My!
  38. Today...
  39. Expectations
  40. Grace - Real Life Application Question
  41. Sticking my toes in the water
  42. Would love a short summary of the truefaced message
  43. An Amazing, Rich, Sweet Song
  44. Thursday morning
  45. Getting to know others
  46. The Confession of St Patrick
  47. Truefaced Heresies
  48. When copper no longer sweats
  49. Every wonder why a certain person is in your LIFE
  50. Why don't lightbulbs change themselves
  51. john Lynch..I'm listening
  52. Grace in Education
  53. Learning to walk in grace
  54. Speakin of Chopped liver
  55. In the light of Grace
  56. Being True Faced
  57. great talk from scientific perspective on relationship
  58. Even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven...
  59. You are not called...
  60. windshield brave
  61. my week / my month
  62. dealing with offenses
  63. Feeling like Moses
  64. Walking through the resentment, anger, etc while on a journey of healing....
  65. Desperately Alone and Feeling Deeply Unknown
  66. I confuse myself
  67. If we buy kippers on Tuesday, it will not rain.
  68. The corporate world
  69. The Kings Speech
  70. The Ark Closes - No April Fools Day joke
  71. Peeking past the packages..
  72. Desire
  73. Last Day Of The Old Place
  74. How is your prayer?
  75. O.W.N. Or Rent??
  76. A New Story
  77. Coffee Shop...stop in and let us welcome you
  78. Starting a Non Profit
  79. An uplifting video clip
  80. TrueFaced, chapter 2: To Please or to Trust?
  81. Like a Stained Glass Window
  82. Lost and Found
  83. Cya guys.
  84. Now a Word from a Golden Egg laying fowl er maybe a critter w/ a Golden Tongue er ??
  85. Why do we doubt?
  86. So Im talking to one of my old friends up in Minnesota.....
  87. I am Iron man
  88. Upper Room
  89. Fish and Grace
  90. Grace for Guys
  91. The New Testament Grace
  92. From a child
  93. Do I have to be right?
  94. And the Lord commanded the ravens to feed Elijah at the brook...
  95. I Remember
  96. Who Is This Jesus?
  97. Watch and Pray
  98. Berean
  99. a grace song
  100. What an Easter Monday Faith Looks Like
  101. Full Circle
  102. Community is just too hard
  103. A Father's Love
  104. Building
  105. An Interfaith Bo's
  106. Accountability
  107. For the Orthodox Among Us
  108. Welcoming Berean
  109. David Wilkerson
  110. You are Invited
  111. How we change
  112. Emmy Siubmission
  113. Can I really choose to continue to be Truefaced?
  114. Hi everyone!
  115. The news today.....
  116. I hate it when I fail
  117. 20 things you are good at
  118. How did you end up in a forum?
  119. Trouble the Water
  120. What do you think it means to be saved?
  121. 860 miles to Forgiveness
  122. What do you do when your depressed.
  123. When my youngest son doesn't answer the phone
  124. Soooo....
  125. Found..
  126. Pansies
  127. Writing a book
  128. the heresy of "failure to love"
  129. Casualties in the war
  130. Missing a mission.
  131. The Mercy of God:
  132. Unbelievable...
  133. Grace---Receiving It to Give It---Lord, I Need Your Grace
  134. How do we get back to basics??
  135. Ramblings of a fool....
  136. The silent roar
  137. Crazy-Making People
  138. Not going back to Egypt no matter how long I stay in the wilderness
  139. Rules of Engagement
  140. Being Right
  141. A loyal friend
  142. CPR
  143. Unconditional Love
  144. TrueFaced Discussion: Chapter One
  145. Abundant Life
  146. What a real church looks like
  147. aholyexperience.com
  148. Missing Persons thread
  149. When you have passed on & are gone I'll remember this about you..
  150. Question for John Lynch
  151. The thing is... I get it...
  152. Should pm's be private, regardless of what they contain
  153. Cynicism (an email from TrueFaced)
  154. To Those Who Feel That They Don't Belong...
  155. Some Things To Consider
  156. Ephesians 4:7
  157. Who I Am
  158. Heaven, some thoughts
  159. Genisis 3:4...... you will be like God
  160. Body, Soul and Spirit
  161. Truefaced discussion Chapter 2: To Please or to Trust
  162. For Laura
  163. standards
  164. Holy Spirit leading prayer
  165. Let it be done to you as you have believed
  166. The white dot in the black sea
  167. El Shaddai
  168. Chasing the wild Goose and wondering if I'll get where I'm going
  169. What Holds Us Back?
  170. For some dear friends
  171. I miss my sons
  172. When you hear...
  173. Invitation
  174. Don't let sin define who you are...quote from Beauty/Jewelz
  175. Mr. Bear
  176. Titus - Grace Non Sequitur
  177. Simply because this tugged at my heart
  178. Jon Foreman: Making a Living
  179. We may never know the effect of what we say
  180. The seven year hiatus is over.
  181. The Plan Of The Master Weaver...
  182. Boundary Lines and Pleasant Places
  183. Downward mobility
  184. What is it the guests see? hear? from the forum
  185. Thoughts on Restoration
  186. Hateful haters hating :(
  187. How do you have faith...?
  188. Okay....so I'm among the 'elderly'....sigh
  189. Do You Love Like This?
  190. Went to church
  191. The Little Things
  192. Abba's Child
  193. Like a Rushing River
  194. Refreshed for the journey
  195. Freed from the penalty AND the power
  196. Because I have 6 years of school
  197. A Thought...
  198. I'm on vacation...
  199. In or Out- Us vs Them
  200. From Ransomed Heart to Here - Navigating the Waters
  201. I'm not sure what to do....so I will do nothing for now
  202. The Ways of Love
  203. Ecclesiastes 3:1-11
  204. Ignoring Others & Encouraging Others...
  205. Mirrors of the Heart
  206. I will be a slave NO MORE!
  207. Tomorrow...
  208. Yesterday
  209. Psalm 23
  210. Wish List
  211. Do not fear
  212. Startling Beauty
  213. TrueFaced Discussion, Chapter 3: Grace works!
  214. how can i really enter in?
  216. A good read: sinking in the sea of life.
  217. Excerpt from a book I'm reading
  218. Who crucifies the sinful nature?
  219. How do you pray?
  220. Has God abandoned us...?
  221. In God's Heart- You Are Strong...
  222. Hay for Texas
  223. What Does It Mean to be 'Woman'?
  224. Today is a good day
  225. Judging the Sinner Who is Tempted
  226. Fish N Chips or Chicken??
  227. To bow or Not to bow? That is the question.
  228. Seeing the Big Picture
  229. Honoring the men who have blessed my life
  230. Grace or not!
  231. I have seen his ways, and will heal him
  232. MightyHeart's " Rise Above It" Thread
  233. Not much to say
  234. I am dreaming that I'm dreaming nightmares
  235. Finding My Groove
  236. You just never know what a day may bring...
  237. The Grace of Age
  238. The Grace of Age
  239. Another pair of glasses
  240. I'm done
  241. A Quote ....
  242. Hidden legalism
  243. Are you going to stay anothe summer? ahhh yeah
  244. When you forget to surrender
  245. Sin and Fellowship
  246. I'm not a nice person today
  247. How safe do you want it?
  248. listen and you will hear
  249. Pause for Praise to the Prince of Peace!
  250. Community Abroad