• Spirit of the Forums

    This is a place to live out a community of grace. We are here to grow in community, to learn how to love God better, and to learn how to love each other better.

    This involves being personal, open, and taking off the masks... not for exposure's sake, but so that we can see and love each other as we are, trusting in the grace of God to transform us into the fullness of who he has made us to be.

    As a community, we are increasingly convicted with the idea that knowledge puffs up and love builds up. We want a community primarily built around love and secondarily around knowledge. We don't want to eliminate knowledge... that would just be foolishness. But the struggle to learn should have the aim of learning to love, not just knowledge for knowledge sake.

    In this spirit, we have some guidelines we would like you to be aware of:

    • The goal is a community of grace. While freedom and honesty are virtues, be careful not to use them at the expense of others.
    • Remember that men, women, and teenagers have access to the public forums. Speak appropriately for that audience. Use discretion with your language and with discussing sexual issues.
    • Some topics are just inappropriate. We ask you again to use your judgment on what is beneficial for the community as a whole and what needs to be taken into a more private conversation.
    • To encourage authentic community we discourage multiple online identities.
    • We are not here primarily for an intellectual debate, but to learn to love in the context of real people in a real community.
    • While some conflict and disagreements occur in any community, we expect each of you to do the work of moving towards a community of restoration and not division.
    • In order to preserve this community, we will set boundaries when the spirit of this forum is violated.

    For the most part, this forum is moderated by you. While I will have a hand in things if needed, I want you to invest in each other’s growth and in preserving the freedom and life of this place by your interactions and investment in each other.

    Bryan Owens