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Yep thatís what I said. Only problem atm is ďtheyíre not listeningĒ- very well.

So here it is July and itís almost the middle of the month already! Bet yíall been wonderin where Iíve been fer the last 3 months or so-huh?

Back in April I started to help my daughter with her kids esp as it pertains to her being able to study while she was attempting to corral 3 lil ones. I have spent most of the last 3 months at her house & have even barely spent a full 7 days at my own apartment over the course of that time. When I wasnít at her house you could prolly find me at my Mommaís. Mostly Iíd say that Iím assist supervising in both places. Iíll expound on that a lil more.

At Aliciaís house I mostly have been trying to encourage her 2 oldest boys to pitch in & help do lil things in the house to get & or establish order in the midst of chaos. I basically watch em while Alicia sorta watches me except for the few hours when sheís at school during the week. Iíve had a few falls that I got pretty bruised from & sheís now paying closer attention to my handling of her youngest baby-Grayson. I can barely lift a gallon jug with one arm & he weighs around 22-23# now so my intentions-good as they may be are not always followed thru with comfy efforts for Grayson. I start loosing my grip on holding or attempting to haul him after a few minutes or after a few feet of traveling with him.

At my Mommaís I go there to visit her & crash & to attempt to persuade her to take more breaks to rest if itís at all possible.
I helped a lil with putting in her garden & was able to help a small amount in picking her strawberries with her & my younger sister Mary.
After 2 hours of doing anything-I am whipped-in a major way.

I decided this week Iím in pretty dire need for calm & quiet. Last week Alicia had one of her final exams for summer school. I helped to persuade J to be helpful around the house & try & do things without whining & complaining. I think that he has started to comprehend how that works-cause he earned himself a brand new wallet that even had a few bucks inside for choosing to be so helpful. He was so proud of that accomplishment & so was I. His 4 year old brother decided to turn off his ď how can I help you- Mommy switchĒ earlier the week before last week & has managed to keep it off. Talk about a pain in the tusch.

Iíve barely been on the net cause Iíve barely been home or in a place where I could concentrate on using it. ATM-Iím at my apartment about ready to toss out the latest devices fer connecting with the net. It keeps shutting down my wifi & going thru the cycle of connecting & disconnecting almost before I can find out what the latest news is on FB er elsewhere.

This mornin I woke up feeling pretty whipped-thatíd be moreso than usual-so Iíve been vegging out & trying to ignore the various & multiple physical symptoms that I get smacked with after being exposed to multiple sources of triggers for MCS. Well hey at least I got to have a lil adventure. Yesterday I went window shopping with a GF & on the 4th of July I sat & watched a parade. So I guess in a nutshell Iím communicating with my afflictions. Ya know-itís funny that that verbiage is in the Bible but I forgot just where. But not too awful long ago it was a subject that my Pastor was preaching about. Thatís all I feel like sayin fer now. But I thought yíall might wanna know where IĎve been As for whatís that mean. Iíll let ya know later- more specifically. But in the meantime take it to mean that Iím wrestling with whatís affiliated with the struggles that Iím having with MCS. One of these days Iím gonna post a poem about it.

Hope all is going well for all my favorite Peeps. Iíve been missin yíall!

Blessings, /

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  1. Godchaser's Avatar
    Hi RoseAnn, It is good to hear from you. Sorry to hear you're still fighting this stuff. I'm praying for your healing.