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Today- Thursday-March 20, 2014 Michelle & I slept in kinda late & had brekky at my apartment. She came around 9 pm the previous night.Then we attempted to decipher what was her assignment & how to go about writing it.

BUT, Daddy God had another idea in mind. She was scared & mad & frustrated & hurting from some past wounds that fed into the insecurity she was & had been feeling. Those wounds came from me un-intentionally. We both cried over feeling that pain. She cried from having borne it for so long & I cried knowing that I caused it. At first, we were at an impasse cause I told her I was constantly being made to feel that everything about our screwed up & dysfunctional family-was my fault & no one else would own up to their part in the whole deal-except her. I told her how I mostly only get contacted if one has a need & I am the last hope available to fullfill it. She told me that maybe I should not be available for a good while-cause what I was doing had been detrimental to my
own health. I told her that was my plan. We both expressed that we could at least empathize with each other & felt much better after we had a Divine ordained opportunity to have a real heart to heart before we approached my local librarian for some help. It didn't re-open till 2 pm. We were directed to a resource-so we came home to get crackin on her reports.

Both of us were hungry for either a late lunch or an early dinner. I treated her in celebration of my getting my bennies approved which means I will finally have a source
of income! We went to a local restaurant here in town. Both the hubby & wife own it & are professional chefs.The wife is of Scottish background & has the accent to boot! So while Michelle & I were there they both sorta took turns entertaining us by sharing some of their life stories before, during & after our meal. We both had a most delightful time & Michelle was laughing out loud & smiling & chuckling most of this time. I can't recall when
was the last time that I saw her being so relaxed & full of joy. Now she's able to tackle her school work with more confidence than she's had cause she knows some places to possibly get some help for her homework. Even more important than that-she KNOWS that I believe in
her & will help her in whatever way I can.

She is NOT at all like her older sister except when it comes to being stubborn! NOW she will re-channel that determination to "get er done" even though she'll be turning this report in way past its due date & the time that she may possibly be able to get any points for her work on it. There's STILL value in her doing it. She'll still be able to learn from the discipline of doing it & asking for help to do it. (She just realized that she has general comprehension issues as it relates to research papers & factual reports. She's been thinking that a lot of it is just due to her deciding to be lazy about her approach to assignments that she just plain doesn't understand. I knew differently. She always had problems with comprehension.) But she told me she didn't care about the point/grade thingy at all yesterday because NOW she was able to focus on what was the most important thing & what matters the most. Today she said it was US & our relationship. So we celebrated our time together!

That made my heart feel like it's gonna burst out in song! Some of you will KWIM. She found a lil knick-knack in the Tea room & had to have it as a keepsake for the
progress that we are making & a remembrance of today. So I bought it for both of us-
but- she gets to keep it! It was a lil cottage in the shape of a teapot with the function of
being a votive candle holder. It made her smile deep & wide & it made my heart smile in the
same way. We both had a good time & agreed we needed to concentrate on what WE have
between US & not what we don't or can't have with the rest of her family-including Alicia & the grandboys & their Grandpa. (At least for now-I'm adding to that)

By the way she gave me several hugs & told me thank you & I love you just before she left. I told her she should call me more often- cause for the most part- the only way I know what's happening in her & her sisters' lives was by reading FB postings! She told me to call her & then
clarified when would be a good time & on what days. We're making huge strides in both our understanding & empathizing with each others' hearts. It was a very good day & beautiful way to start Spring! We were able to move past the pain & the crazyness of this March Madness! Thank Daddy-God & give HIM the glory! Blessings to All, &


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  1. Godchaser's Avatar
    Hi RoseAnn,
    Glad to hear that Michelle & you had a great day together. I pray you have many more and I am praying for the rest of the family. For the relationships to be healed and made whole.